It’s not just up to me to up and go! Now I have made my mind up to try to go and live in Japan, I can’t just pack my bags and fly away. I needed to take a trip up to London and visited the Japanese embassy, and applied for a spouse visa in person. On the day I was feeling nervous how this may go. However the embassy were very helpful and so organised that I was able to make my application within a hour. I had to wait a week and return to the embassy to collect my passport back and see if I was accepted …… I was happy to find out that there were no issues and my visa application was accepted. Surprisingly it only cost a total of £16.00 for the visa application. (Emi spent over £1,500 for her UK visas). On the way back home, we booked our flight tickets to Japan! It looks like I can start the packing now

日本に移住することは決めましたが、ただ荷物を詰め飛び立てるわけではありません。Londonの日本大使館に行きビザの申請をしなければなりませんでした。ビザ申請当 日は、スムーズにいくか不安でした。 日本大使館のスタッフはとても親切で申請は1時間以内で完了。1週間後に大使館にパスポートを受け取りに行き、ビザが取得できたか確認。。。 問題なくビザが取得できました!しかも3年間の配偶者ビザの費用は16ポンド(約 2,500円)と激安。(Emiのイギリスのビザ費用は£1,500(約 220,000円)以上でした) 家に帰る途中に日本行きのフライトチケットを予約しました! 荷造りを開始します!