I had a little day trip to a city called Kofu that is about an hour drive from where I live. A friend suggested we go and visit a timber yard, as he knew I had been struggling to find a good local supplier that stock hardwoods.


It turned out to be a very fun day getting to know my friend better as well as finding a new timber source. So let’s see what have they got! They had various kinds of hardwood such as oak, ash, hinoki and maple but I couldn’t see what I was looking for. Oh No! Then, a guy working there informed us of another drying shed 5 minutes down the road and I finally found a small stock of Lauan which I wanted, lucky me! I bought them for our kitchen panel and hope to come back to buy more in the future.

誘ってくれた友達とは初めて二人でお出掛け。拙い日本語と英語での会話だったけれど、楽しかった!材木屋さんに無事到着し、早速どんな木材があるのか確認開始。オーク、アッシュ、ヒノキにメープル、色々あるけど欲しかった木材が無い!!その時材木屋さんの人が木材を乾燥させるための別の倉庫に案内してくれ、探していたラワンを発見、ラッ キー☆ キッチンのパネル用に買ってきました。また別の木材も買いに来ようと思います。