We have been using our log burner since last winter. The log burner we chose has a simple box design with 2 doors, front and the side. Here in Kawaguchiko, it can get as cold as -15 degrees in the middle of winter. We needed one to keep the whole house warm, it has been doing a good job so far!

昨年の冬から薪ストーブを使い始めました。 私たちが選んだストーブはシンプルなボックスデザインで前と横にそれぞれドアが付いています。 河口湖は真冬にはマイナス15度位まで気温が下がります。家全体を温めるにはやはり薪ストーブ。石油のファンヒーターやエアコンとは全く違う暖かさです。

When we ordered the stove, the company said we needed to collect it from the local delivery company as it’s heavy. WOW it was so heavy, over 100kg!!


The next stage was to make the surrounding space nice and welcoming as well as fire safe.We started with leveling and tiling the floor and decorate the back wall with textured plaster in grey colour.