Insulation finished! We didn’t realize how long it would take to install the insulation for all the wall of the house. But we are glad that we did it! With the hot weather arriving, the house stays much cooler than the outside. Moving on to the next job, we started to covering the wall with plaster boards. This was the new skill to learn!


Dom’s parents came to visit us and also helped out with the big task of plaster boarding the ceilings. I don’t know how we would have got those boards fitted with only the two of us. We worked hard during day time and had some nice relaxing time around the fire in our garden in the evening. We occasionally went out to show the local area even though we are still finding our way around too. One day we found a nice trail at the foot of mount Fuji and hiked to a tea house. We wish to climb from the bottom to the top of Mr Fuji in the future!


We also started to work on the back room of the house, that will be our future changing and wash room. We made a basin unit and oak rustic worktop and used a wood called Hinoki to make our own plank floor. Emi worked hard on sanding and painting of the floor.


We had a great night out to see the local summer fireworks display. I was amazed how powerful they were. The sound of each one going off could be felt through your whole body.