Last month was a hard one! I was glad to get away from the house and go visit Emi’s parents for new year’s break. We had a nice relaxed few days and on new year’s day we took a walk to the local shrine that felt very peaceful.

Following new years Emi and I had several days of long discussions about our house and the project. We concluded we still like our location (plot) however the noise is more of an issue than we first thought. We now need to focus on this and look into better sound proofing our home and future workplace…………… I returned to working on the house in the early January feeling refreshed with my new hair cut. Continuing work on the kitchen and getting ready for the electrician that will be coming next month.

Continuing the kitchen floor work from last month :

。 エミと家について、また今のプロジェクトについて色々話をしました。今のロケーションはとても気に入っているけれど、自分たちが想像していた以上に騒音は大きな問題だと気づきました。家と将来の仕事場になるこの建物をどれだけ防音できるかが未来の幸せに繋がっている! 1月の頭に髪を短く切り気分転換後、河口湖に戻りキッチンフロア作りを再開。その後来月から始まる水道工事と電気工事の準備にとりかかりました



This month the cold weather continued. It was very beautiful when the snow covered all the mountains. However it froze our tap for a couple of weeks. I had to get bottled water for drinking and melting the snow on the stove to wash with, (felt a bit like a survival challenge at times).